Joining the strong and vigorous paces of the motherland since her opening up to the outside world, Macrolink Group has developed from small to large, from weak into strong, and has taken a road of “small in scale, big in success” and “diverse development, It has successfully established a series of famous industry brands and become outstanding among China’s private enterprises. For these years, we stick to integrity in operation, integration of the excellent ideology of capital investment rules and traditional culture, also with the help of well-known brands and industry innovation, finding the soul of our enterprise, combining together the fulfillment of our value and our dream of dedicating to the motherland through setting up industry successfully. Reviewing the 28 years, we appreciate very much the good policy of the Party and our country, appreciate the substantial support of all friends, and appreciate the joint effort of all our working staff.
       However, facing with the new opportunities and austere challenges, we would implement the development policy of “being great by diversification, being strong by capitalization, being exquisite by specialization, and being sustainable by brand development”. Reaching to our strong sense of mission and responsibility, only with which could we obtain the achievements of Macrolink Group, demonstrate our excellence in creating wealth and promoting progress as well as make greater contributions in building a harmonious society and realizing the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation.